Grant Writing News

Visit, login required, to access the current issue. The Office of Research provides a campus-wide subscription to this excellent newsletter. The writers are experts in proposal development and the content is helpful to those preparing a grant proposal. The recommendations are especially helpful to those who are new to grant writing or want to enhance their proposal-writing skills.


The March 2019 issue includes:


§  Planning Your NSF Funding Transition Strategy(Tips for faculty transitioning from mission agencies to NSF for funding.)


§  More on NSF Expectations for Convergence (The magic word these days at NSF is “convergence,” but what does it mean? We’ll talk more about convergence and what it means to NSF.)


§  Basic Research: The Trial-and-Error Trap(Anything in a research plan that hints at a trial-and-error approach is the kiss of death for fundamental research proposals. We discuss how to spot this mistake and fix it.)


§  Tracking Shifting Allocations within Research Agency Budgets (University research strategic plans need to take into account shifting research-funding streams. We discuss how to identify changes in priorities and funding within agencies.)


§  Building Knowledge-Based Research Offices(How to take advantage of agency-provided resources such as webinars to ensure that your research office understands agency expectations and priorities.)


§  Fostering Integrity in Research: A Critical Read for Research Offices (We discuss a National Academies report on research integrity that’s a must-read for research offices) – reprinted