Authorization to Seek Off-Campus Funding

Authorization to Seek Off-Campus Funding


The ePA-005 is the internal University routing and approval document that is required for all sponsored project proposals and can be found at  This form documents administrative, budgetary, and compliance information of the proposal, provides chairs and deans with a summary of this information and, when approved, authorizes the Research Foundation to submit the proposal to an external sponsor.


The grants staff in the CPH Office of Research will create this routing form on behalf of the PI once the proposal budget and other administrative details have been finalized.  All participating investigators, their departments/chairs and colleges/deans are required to sign-off on this form. Approval of the ePA-005 carries with it significant responsibilities.  By signing the form, the investigator(s):


  • certify the statements included in the proposal are true, complete and accurate and that any false, fictitious, or fraudulent statements or claims may be cause for criminal, civil, or administrative penalties
  • accept responsibility for the scientific conduct of the project and to provide the required progress reports if a grant is awarded as a result of this application.
  • promise to perform the work in accordance with University and Sponsor policies and procedures


Likewise, administrative signers:


  • acknowledge agreement with the information listed on the ePA-005 and in the proposal
  • certify that the proposed work is consistent with the College’s mission and scope, and the obligation and commitments described are acceptable
  • authorize the transfer of over-expenditures and disallowed costs to their unit in accordance with the expenditure allocation on the form


This review and approval process requires thoughtful consideration, since with approval the College agrees that the application is consistent with academic goals, is fiscally sound, and that space and other resources will be available as promised.  Therefore, if errors or other unacceptable issues are identified, the ePA-005 may be disapproved which may delay the proposal’s submission. Because of the number of persons required to review this form, the ePA-005 should be submitted well before the proposal due date to ensure adequate time for all necessary approvals and signatures. 


When CPH faculty are collaborating on a proposal with OSU faculty in other colleges, they must be named as an investigator on the resulting ePA-005.  If there are questions or issues related to the ePA-005, please consult with CPH Office of Research staff.